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Bust Craftacular and the week that was

Bust Craftacular

One of the best things I love about London is the likelihood of bumping into events that would never venture out into Australia. A good example is Bust’s Craftacular, a DIY craft market sponsored by my favourite magazine that finally expanded across the Atlantic and held its first London Craftacular this year.

Bust Craftacular

Held in a tiny church hall, there were far too many stalls with fantastic goodies that were difficult to bypass as well as a live DJ throughout the day from mid day to midnight. I dropped in for a few hours for a look see and rather wished that I had more time and had a wide lens with me as there was barely any room to breathe. Being the first time that the event was held, I think the turnout was beyond most people’s expectation.¬† I heard one of the vendors exclaimed that they weren’t sure that they will have anything left in a few hours.

I still need to go through my photos, but if you are in the mood to do some on-line shopping in the comfort of your own home, I would heartilly recommend Ecclectic Eccentricity , Hannah Zakari among other vendors as well as a subscription for Bust ofcourse!

Oh and the first image with the craft surgery sign is for a craft clinic that was held that day. If you have any craft related questions, the two craft doctors  are happy to trouble shoot them for you.

Bust Craftacular

It’s Saturday and flowers make me happy

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Especially tulips, hyacinths and jonquils… I’m all for the bulbs.

APEC came and went, and I even missed the half heartedmooning attempt during the long weekend.

In any case, the extra day was absorbed fairly quickly into the rest of the weekend and I can hardly believe that it’s the weekend again.

I did ended up catching two movies I rather enjoyed, Hairspray and Ratatouille. Dragged my sister to the former and was rather tickled to realise she had no idea which character was John Travolta until the end.

As for the movie itself? I was expecting cheesy, but didn’t expect the rather cheeky humour throughout the movie contributed by the editing as much as the plot. Have to confess I have a huge crush on the costume and plaid is definitely something I’m itching to play around with.

Next project is this using the pictured fabric. After I put the jigsaw puzzle of a pattern together from dozens of A4 pages.

The week so far

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Extra short week since I’ve taken Wednesday and Friday off. Today to cram the exam for ADMA and Friday, just because.

Feeling oddly sad about finishing the 18 week course, sure it was a pain to drive to the city, but I did learn a lot and it was just plain fun.

Image are of some of the zines on our table on Saturday (spot Sharp and Pointy!). Never having produced one by myself from scratch, found it a rather novel experience. Conceived in 2-3 sleepless nights, I’m now shunning it for the unwanted child it is.

During the day, it was rather amusing watching ladies of a certain age picked it up only to put it away hastily when they turned to a particular page. Oddly surprised when a few people purchased it, and still waiting for emails demanding their money back.

Spent most of the day watching the Korean historical drama Daejanggeum at my parents. I don’t know what it is about Korean dramas, they usually manage to be addictive after about the third episode and this particular one has 60 episodes at 45 minutes each! It’s losely based on the story of a female doctor who became the emperor’s personal physician, though she started off as one of the palace’s cooks. I expected it to be dull, but ended up enjoying the cook off between the main character and her rival. Watching the very yummy bearded Ji Jin-Hee as Min Jung Ho (soooigh) made me very very happy.

World Wide Knitting in Public Day – this Saturday

From 2pm at the Sidewalk Cafe + Bar at the Opera House (the lower concourse near the water). You can learn more about it on the official website – though they still haven’t gotten around to posting our details. Food and wine are available, but we’re not sure how many tables we’ll be able to commandeer so if anybody has those nice folding chairs, bring them along!

Hope to see you all there…

Sydney Writer’s Zine Fair

For reasons I still don’t understand, I will be at the first Sydney Writer’s Festival zine fair with a few copies of Sharp and Pointy.

If I see you, I’ll see you!

Knitting in the northern beaches

Most of April was spent in a funk and I doubt it will change for a while due to circumstances beyond my control.

Epany came back for our usual S N B meet up at the Manly Wharf after 4 months in the bush in South Australia, just as I was about to shelve the entire idea of knitting in the northern beaches completely. Needless to say I was very glad to see her and sucked as much as knitting goodness from the meet up as possible, all of will be lost if she decides to move to Melbourne (boo hiss!)

When she mentioned she has a crush on a male knitter named brooklyntweed I just had to find out who this guy is and I confess I am starting to have a crush on him as well. He takes beautiful photos and he finishes an incredibly awesome cardigan in less than 2 months!

In any case during the long weeked I finally finished my Rowan Dew scarf (issue 26) knitted with 4 balls of Jo Sharp Dk in pearl. Also finished my needle case, using the pattern from the first Stitch N Bitch book, made me realise how rusty my sewing skills are.

Dew, in Jo Sharp DK


On all things crafty

There are a lot of great free and inspiring crafty sites on the internet, whether it’s knitting, crotchet or craft in general. I can now add Burda style to the growing list. It’s started by Burda, the pattern / fashion company, but they have actually gone a step further and created an open source for sewing patterns and projects. Aside from their own featured patterns, most of the content are provided by users and it’s cool, very funky and downright inspiring.

It’s actually very surprising that none of the other pattern labels have decided to go down this path. Simplicity have grabbed Built by Wendy to design some of their sportswear, but that’s basically it.

Incidentally, I’m really enjoying Built by Wendy’s Sew U. The how to sew section is nothing new, but it’s just nice to have a sewing reference that’s a bit more up to date and fresh in the way it approaches projects. Sure beats my old, though much beloved Reader’s Digest guide to sewing in terms of ease of use.

Do Not Fuck With Me

Do Not F…
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First day at work, and three weeks worth of effort in acquiring sanity was slowly shredded by the minute.

In truth, work was not too bad today, but the sense of anxiety that came with my 9 to 5 existence rushed back with a vengeance. That, I can definitely do without.

Starting to wish that I did one of these during my holiday so I can hang it on top of my desk. Kits like the one pictured can be purchased from Subversive Cross Stitch and makes lovely a present for your nearest and dearest needle stabber.

Fandom Knits

presented 002
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I hate packing, so it’s no surprise that in between last minute cleaning / chucking things to clean / pack I ended up in front of the computer.

I did manage to find a really cool ljgroup with a big list of fandom related knits. It doesn’t beat craftster in terms of sheer craftiness, but it’s a pretty good place for a list of concentrated knit fan stuff like the uber cool Mario scarf. There is another version that only has the villains, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it.

In any case, I have found my next project: a R2D2 beanie (might tweak it a little since the shape doesn’t look right). Y, if you’re reading this I’ll wear this if you wear your Princess Leah hat!