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Freaky Valentine

When valentine invades

What happened when Friday the 13th was the day before Valentine’s Day? Aside from the horror of heart shaped sashimi and (I suspect) a heart shaped axe being sold somewhere by a canny entrepreneur or two somewhere, the two rarely meets.

Zombie flashmob...

On Friday I wandered down to London Bridge to catch a glimpse of a flash mob dressed as zombies. Unfortunately the zombie mob was outnumbered by the photographers mob and the rather wary looking police force overlooking the entire scene. It was nothing like the impressive mob from last year’s World Zombie Day crowd, but I found the whole thing rather comical.

Lemon butter cookies

As for today, I was adamant not to touch anything remotely heart shaped. However after walking down Hampstead high street and being ambushed by everything from heart shaped cakes, cookies and giant signage I gave up and bought some heart shaped cutters. The recipe for these lemon butter cookies came from here. I added vanilla extract, but otherwise did not alter in any way. It was a nice simple recipe that would have been easy to alter, switching the lemon for vanilla, rose of attar or any other random flavour. I should have glazed the cookies before baking them, but otherwise I was quite happy with the way it turned out, buttery with a hint of lemon tang.

Lemon butter cookies

Foodie weekend – Borough Market

Apple strudlel

I should really be catching up on work email, but the idea of spending a glorious sunny day inside did not appeal. When A suggested a visit to Borough Market I happily ran out the door without a second glance at my work laptop.

I didn’t realise how large Borough Market was. Just a few steps away from London Bridge tube and I was in the middle of a gastronomic wonderland. We picked our way among the dozens of stalls before settling for some oysters and paella. I was rather tempted with the pastries selection, but after overdosing on grocery thought better of it.

Oyster Bar at Borough Market

Oysters and lemon

We made a small side trip to Monmouth Coffee, reputedly one of the best coffee places in London aside from Flat White in Soho. The featured coffee of the day was Indonesian I was amused to notice and was probably unpronouncable for most people.

Monmouth Coffee