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CraftZine – call for content

It’s all building up and I think I have enough content to play with, BUT can always do with more and would love the collab.

Please send your submissions (300 dpi grayscale or colour images or text) to mirvettium at gmail dot com by the 25th May. Contributors will receive a free copy and the zine will be for sale at the Sydney Writers’ Festival Zine Fair. Any profits will go towards the Hayase’s running and promotional costs.

Size – A5 (colour for the most part)

Please send any crafy related thing you can think of, accepting photos, instructions, patterns, recipes and other domestic and non domestic whatnot.

24 hour party peeps

Popped in to the Hayase! 24 hour comic crew and things are agoing with several peeps finishing things ahead of schedule. Managed to find Da Magick tm drawing pen that seemed to solve most of my inking angst. Sketched some really rough thumbnail for Mr Tang, that might turn out to be rather fun, will try and finess it tomorrow when I’m a lot more sane. Mr Evil I bow to your superior gamez skill, but next time, it will just be a few spaces and not a freaking whole lap that you beat me with.

Want to go dog walking this weekend as well, if the weather clears up and sic my dog on bigger prey.