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Christmas in the air and peekaboo

Finished peekaboo mittens


It’s finally December and I’m heartily counting down every day for my very short holiday. In the meantime, I have a FO for once!

 Completed my Peekaboo mittens and rather happy that I managed to do it in time for the finger numbing chilliness that managed to sweep its way into the city. It’s a really easy pattern and simple enough to modify. I ended up ripping it back twice to enlarge the slits and make them a little more centered.

 Next time I knit this, I’ll probably incorporate a pattern into the design, increase the length of the ribbing and decrease the number of stitches for the slits by 2.

 It feels a little odd having a quiet Christmas and expecting to see snow rather than sun for once in my life. My housemate has thrown himself into the spirit of Chritmas and we have been happily nibbling on his mince pies for the past few days.


Mince pies extravaganza


If you are in London and are free this Saturday, you might want to check out Bust Magazine’s Craftacular.

20 Phoenix Road, London
Near Euston Station

Shop, dance and be Merry! BUST magazine brings you an all-day, all-night shopping and music extravaganza featuring the nation’s hottest DIY talent. Down some drinks as you learn to craft and listen to DJs while you browse the handmade wares, from jewellery and clothing to home décor and cards. Don’t miss: Learn to Stitch and Knit! // Tatty Devine Craft Clinic! // DJ Sets from Vinyl Vendettas, Golden Silvers, Shellac Sisters and Sheila B! // Goodie bags for the first 100 attendees, raffle and more! Admission: £ 2

Knitting and baking

Peekaboo mittens WIP

Crappy disjointed week and the same is looking the same for next week unfortunately. Trying to finish projects that I have started, but I haven’t had much time to sit down properly do so…Above is an almost complete set of Peekaboo mittens (pattern by Pensive Frog) knitted using Jaeger Roma, shade 020 I picked up from Ally Pally a few months ago. I think I might need to redo the first one since the slit is not as centre as it should be.

ANZAC biscuits

With less than 4 weeks to go before my holiday starts I am becoming ridicilously home sick of late. Much to my housemates’ bemusement I came home after work and started baking ANZAC biscuits before I started cooking dinner. The recipe is taken from lemonpi’s blog and are mighty delicious with a hot cup of tea. I think the oats and flour here are quite different to home, a bit more fine than what I’m used to. Overall, I really like this version better than what usually comes out of the oven at home.