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European Weekender Part 1

Brussels 2008

Twenty four hours ago I was walking down the streets of Brussels with the London Flickr Meetup Group for a nocturnal shoot lasting from dusk to dawn. The weather was thankfully much warmer than the London shoot and I was able to keep my delirium until just before dawn.

It still amazes me how easy it is to hop on a Euro train and wander across the channel to a completely different country within a couple of hours.

So what can you see if you go to Brussels around this time? Well, you get to see annual Brussel flower carpet for one. Spread across the market place, it’s almost impossible to understand what the pattern looks like unless you are viewing it from a very high vantage point.

Brussels 2008

According to Wikipedia the other tourist attraction in Belgium is the Atomium (giant atom looking thing) and Manneken Pis (small bronze statue of a peeing boy). Crazily we managed to cover all three within the space of a few hours while fitting in the much needed food stops.

Brussels 2008 Brussels 2008

Brussels seemed rather aback being invaded with twenty people heavily armed with cameras, but we weren’t approached by a single policeman unlike London. I wasn’t all that thrilled with a lot of the photos I ended taking and ended experimenting on textures, on the other hand I did have a grand old time and loved every bits of it.

Brussels 2008

Brussels 2008


Tree Planting

Planting trees with the local children

Tree planting with the local kids and farmers, the trees were planted at the edge of the farms to prevent further erosion to the soil. Needless to say the kids were much better at handling a shovel than I was. On the flip side we got more local

This little guy is my favourite, the moment I pointed the camera to him, up came those V sign and he’s only three years old.
Planting trees with the local children

Planting trees with the local children

As always we were royally fed, the marbled beed was from Australia actually.
Planting trees with the local children

On being fed (again)

Food during conservation again

I was told that it looked like we did very little working and plenty on eating, it probably was true to an extent. We were fed to the bursting point, but it’s difficult to say no to home grownshitake mushroom of a size that you wouldn’t believe. The photo is actually my hand holding three mushrooms, now I know my hand is the same size as an eleven year old kid, but the mushrooms are huuge.

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So I left Sydney on Friday morning after 48 hours of packing and unpacking, in any case I just could not sleep. As the half empty plane took off, my exhausted brain felt sick and more than a little dazed.

24 hours later I was in the middle of this

Through luck rather than planning I ended up arriving during the Sanja festival. Considered one of the largest festivals in Tokyo. I have never seen anything quite like it, virtually everyone was dressed up to be a part of the festival in some ways. Unfortunately this year they did not parade the three large shrines because of an accident last year, though the hundred or so mini shrines are just as impressive.

JP08 23 JP08 21 JP08 14

JP08 8

Japan diary – Sanja Matsuri

Through pure chance I arrived in Tokyo during the height of the Sanja Matsuri.

JP08 21

JP08 17

JP08 8