Azuma Kushiyaki and Sugar Hits

I am shockingly behind with all my blog post, a hectic work life has managed to suck a lot of my energy¬† (again). In any case, about a month ago I visited Azuma Kushiyaki with fellow MSGers as part of our nearly monthly gathering for Midweek Supper Group. I wanted to see what this new… Continue reading Azuma Kushiyaki and Sugar Hits

Arola at Bentley (World Showcase Dinner)

One would think that one World Showcase Dinner in a month, let alone a year is enough to last for a while. Then again, if the experience was so great, why not repeat it? It’s a week after Bras at Quay, Y and I were the first to arrive for the World Showcase Dinner with… Continue reading Arola at Bentley (World Showcase Dinner)