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Coastal walk – Bundeena


Going through photos yet to be uploaded reminded me yet again how crazy full this year had been. Random walks being one of the unexpected activities this year. These photos are from the coastal walk around Bundeena. We hopped on a ferry and walked around the coast, being mistaken for a pair of tourists on holiday (ok so wearing full hiking gear on my part was a tad overkill).


Saw some odd looking shell like creature that looks like something that dropped from outer space. If anyone can identify these that will be great. They literred the beach and look rather slimy in a shell kind of way. There are a couple of beaches in Bundeena, all pretty quiet in nestled in a u shape cove, perfect for a half way gate way from the more crowded beaches.


The draw card for me was the Aboriginal rock carvings found on a flat platform. From sting ray, frog, kangaroo or whale (really big outline of  a fish) they stark lines are so basic and yet so recognisable that it’s actually quite amazing.



Definitely recommended for a wander just slightly out of Sydney.

Walking into the Abyss

Cloudy horizon

Sky skyDear London,

You have not been the easiest city to love. Your weather tantrum can be atrocious and unpredictable, your taste in food is tragic and when you decide to turn your sun light out by 3 in the afternoon during winter months I wonder why I bother. Yet, for some reason or another the thought of leaving you is making me decidedly unhappy.  You are lots of fun to be with and although the idea of never quite knowing what will happen each day can be terrifying, it is also exhilarating.

I wish our time is longer, but I guess it is not meant to be for now…

With less than 12 hours left in London, the inevitable panic starts to set in. I still can’t believe I am actually leaving this country, with so many things I have yet to see and experience. At the same time, I can honestly say that I am glad I came and took a gamble by coming here. It had been grand, and beautiful at the same time. It frighten me that I have no idea what will happen when I return back to Sydney, whether I will settle back to my old life, or whether I will still be pining for this country and everything I’m missing, like the Bust London Summer Craftacular that’s happening this Saturday, or a weekend photo trip to Salisbury.

Between the sky and the seaI still have so many photos left unprocessed to go through and post, and I can imagine it will be very surreal to look at photos of cloudy, green Ireland in sunny Sydney. Incidentally, these photos were taken on a weekend away with some friends as we wandered through the southern cost of the Republic of Ireland, ending somewhere close to Dingle.