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EA + Ford

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Bless EA and its real live product and Sims2 cross promotion. We all knew it’s a matter of time, to tell the truth I’m more than a little surprised that there are not as many blatant product placement, particularly as they already have simlish version of the ghastly Don’t Cha song among others.

Next on the agenda, Starbuck coffee carts, Borders bookshops and a Pepsi machine or two?


The sad thing is, I can sympathise with this. Once a product goes through the product manager, it’s less classy and more thrasy.

Shiba Love

Other than there’s no way you’ll leave an 8 week old puppy by itself, it’s just waaay too cute.

Borders Viral Marketing

I really am becoming rather jaded on what works and what doesn’t work in marketing. But once in a while things like this turn up and made my day. The viral campaign is sooo simple it’s evil.

Play the game, but you must agree to subscribe to their mailing list.

Choose a book to receive a prize, if nothing happens refer a friend to get another chance.

By the end you probably get a 25% off voucher off something which doesn’t hurt them one bit, but by the end they would have:
– Your name on their database
– Add a few friends
– Consent to send you DM materials

So simple, and rather blatant about it, but it bloody well works!

Ok, so it’s evil and everything else, but who doesn’t buy anything from Borders anyway?