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The number game

Day 17 still waitingYou know you’re back sharing the internets when uploading any file bigger than 100kb will take almost an hour! My brother claimed he’s innocent, but the jury is still out on that one. Day 17 in the visa waiting game and lo and behold I am actually starting to enjoy it. Perhaps after being screamed at by multiple people to just relax and there’s nothing you can do, I finally lost the will to stress out. That being said, I am likely to take up the tense past time once the 40 working days period is over…but we’ll cross that bridge once we get there.

Incidentally, if you ever wonder how many people does it take to process the tens and thousand of visa application sent to the British High Commission, the magic answer is not 42 or even 7, but 5.  It boggles the mind that with over a million pound in surplus from the BHC activities alone they haven’t actually used that money to invest in more people or streamline their system. Then again, what do I know?

A dog's lifeIn the meantime, I am learning the art of zen from the family dog. He’s mellowed down quite a lot since he turned 3 this year and is quite happy to sit close to me and nap the day away. On happier craft related news, Paul Mietx Egli from Quilt2Go has confirmed that the long awaited Knitminder is finally out! I blogged about StitchMinder last year when the application first launched, now there’s a 0.2 version to update to, but more excitingly with Knitminder you can now keep track of all your knitting projects. There is no integration with ravelry as yet, but I won’t be surprised to see something happening very soon from the sound of things.

When Apple meets knitting

iPod + knitting

I love it when two seemingly unrelated objects are perfect complements of each other. In this case it goes something like this:

Indispensable object A provides much needed entertainment, background music and all around sanity during commute and work.

Indispensable yarn type object B (with pointy bits and pieces) keeps my hands busy during commute and guarantees more elbow room.

A few weeks ago I realised that some lovely people at Quilt2Go created a free application allowing me to keep count of my stitches for object B. In one small leap my iPod touch became a handy stitch minder that can also play my favourite tunes, keep track of my calendar and email and sends me in the right direction.

If you are a non knitter, a stitch minder is just that; a way to keep track of repeating patterns when knitting. The humble paper and pen does the job just as well, but being able to tap which row I am currently on with the touch while I am on the train work better for me. If you are knitter with a touch I am guessing that you are downloading the application if you don’t have it already.

Quilt2Go mentioned that they are working on another application called Knitminder that sounded interesting.


KnitMinder provides you with a place to manage your knitting projects and supplies that’s right at your fingertips! Features include:

  • Store multiple projects using pictures and a convenient work log
  • Manage your yarn and notions stashes
  • Keep track of your needles, hooks, and other tools
  • Find yarn stores where you are

The features sounds a lot like what ravelry currently offers, albeit in a more portable version. I would love it if they decide to integrate ravelry as part of the application or at least have some sort of module that would allow some of the projects or stash information to be easily imported from one to the other.

I don’t have any stash images yet, but the background is a work in progress of the ribbed scarf I am working on using these yarns. Like Ysolda I am not the biggest fan of multi-coloured yarn, but the following combination for a simple ribbed scarf can be quite pretty. I am finding it a little difficult to capture the berry colours of the scarf properly, but here is a closer look.

Close up of wool and silk yarn