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Vivian and drowning in baked goods

Sunday brunch

Our kitchen is currently packed with enough freshly baked good to keep us carb happy for the rest of the week. My housemate is back to his baking frenzy and we currently have a small mountain made up of delicious rock cakes. After nearly losing a tooth and breaking my jaw in the process, my past experience with rock cakes had been rather rocky (ahem). Though this version is lovely and more scone like, definitely give it a go if you have a kilogram of flour lying around.

My suggestion is to have it smothered with butter and fig jam. I bought a giant jar of the most delicious fig jam from Carluccio’s and can’t help but spread the love on any roll, toast or bread like substance.

On the knitting front, redrice bubble and I are knitting Vivian as our knit a long. So far, we’ve frogged it twice, but loving the pattern itself. It’s interesting enough to be challenging, but there’s enough repetition for it not too be too frustrating. I have knitted it using Bendigo Wooll’s classic 8ply with the colour being coffee. It will end up being a lighter hoodie than specified, but figured that it will be spring by the time I finish this one.

Vivian in progress,

Post Christmas

Santa full of air

The rather unfortunate result of flying in the wrong direction on Christmas Eve meant that I sort of spent Christmas on the plane. Sort of as in reality it was a non day which I guess meant it was a non Christmas as well. On the other hand the plethora of left over Christmas decoration made it feel as if the festive season was still very much alive as I pass yet another inflatable santa perched on someone’s rooftop or plastic reindeers planted on another house’s lawn.

Christmas deers down under

It was definitely a different type of Christmas compared to the one in London!

London Christmas

I haven’t been as active as I thought I would be once I am back in Sydney. Time seemed to crawl at a slower pace and the warm air was making me decidedly sleepy almost all the time.

I am very close to finishing my Anne Elliott cardigan with only the sleeves to knit up. It’s probably one of the most half baked pattern I have used, having to improvise stitch count and the overall measurement to get the correct fit, fingers crossed it will turn out. I am loving the fact that I have only used a single skein for the project so far. Then again the 200g ball of cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills was bigger than normal. Not quite sure what possessed me to buy this particular shade of green as it was out of my usual colour palette. I noticed that Bendigo no longer stocked this particular colour or any shade of green in their cotton range which was somewhat a shame, though I wouldn’t mind to try out their shade of new ochre or oxford for another cotton project…

WIP Anne Elliot