Cloudy horizon

Dear London, You have not been the easiest city to love. Your weather tantrum can be atrocious and unpredictable, your taste in food is tragic and when you decide to turn your sun light out by 3 in the afternoon during winter months I wonder why I bother. Yet, for some reason or another the… Continue reading Cloudy horizon

What’s up duck?

Last weekend was partially spent visiting London Wetland Centre in Barnes admiring beady eyed fowls as they stared back with avian suspicion/ curiosity. I heard a while back that there was a wetland centre in London, but it did not prepare me for the fact that the centre was actually embedded within walking distance of… Continue reading What’s up duck?

Pancake Tuesday and Owl Parliament

Finding it difficult to believe that Easter is round the corner and with today being Pancake Today to boot. I cheated with the photo, it was taken on Sunday when one of my housemate decided to cook pancakes for everyone. He did repeat the performance today, cooking a batch of blueberry pancakes for his workmates.… Continue reading Pancake Tuesday and Owl Parliament

Freaky Valentine

What happened when Friday the 13th was the day before Valentine’s Day? Aside from the horror of heart shaped sashimi and (I suspect) a heart shaped axe being sold somewhere by a canny entrepreneur or two somewhere, the two rarely meets. On Friday I wandered down to London Bridge to catch a glimpse of a… Continue reading Freaky Valentine