So French…in London

Vive la crepeA very dear friend came for a visit last fortnight and true to style we ended up spending most of our time eating and drinking in London. Despite its at times, well deserved reputation of the city where a tastebud is an abstract concept, we managed to entertain ourselves drinking and eating our merry ways through London.

Take La Creperie de Hampstead for example, well known for its crepe buttery goodness. I could have sworn my tastebud swooned the moment the chocollate and banana filling reached my mouth. If there is a little bit of callory heaven in London, this is it and it is perhaps the best crepe this side of the chanel. At the same time, I am somewhat relieved that I didn’t find out about this place earlier, or my waistline would have exponentially increased with each visit.

Open from midday, you can find it at:
77 Hampstead High Street
London, NW3, United Kingdom

Talking about all things French, I nearly forgot that I saw Soko in Camden a couple of weeks ago. Best known for her song “I’ll Kill Her”, she refused to play the song throughout the entire gig and threw the content of a bottle of a water on an audience member that was heckling her. The show itself started off playfully, with plenty of giggles and banter, but after the dozen or so “new song” she insisted on playing it was becoming ridicilously self-indulgent. By 11:30pm I left the show, along with half of the audience member leaving only the die hard myspace/youtube fans to continue filming the rest of the show.


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