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Reading challenge and comedians in October

Glenn Wool at the Comedy Store

Meet Glenn Wool,  one of the funniest and scruffiest comedian around who’s currently in Sydney until the end of next week. He was also the comedian I watched during the Late Show at the Fringe whose name completely slipped my mind. I would recommend buying tickets before he flies off to the other side of the world.

As I type this, I cringe thinking that you might be able to see my mug promoting his show in the very near future. The Comedy Store was grabbing audience members for soundbites after the show and as everyone around us suddenly took a step back, we found ourselves shoved in front of a microphone.

Talking about comedians I’m thinking of watching The Bedroom Philosopher later on this month and hopefully stalking Lawrence Leung at TINA this weekend. No I’m not a geeky comedian groupie at all (ahem). For readers who are interested issue 4 of Sharp and Pointy will hopefully be available at TINA. I’m still trying to put it all together right now and wonder why my time management skills falls apart when it comes to zines.

Talking about zines and reading. The 2009 Books Alive Reading Challenge is  finished and although I didn’t do too badly, I realise that I am an horridly unfaithful reader with a penchant to read multiple books at the same time.  Rather like my knitting habit really…

The theme for this started of as the 50 books from Books Alive, but it morphed into “Library Books I am reading”

Books read between September 7 to October 1

  1. The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale – sweet adaptation of fairy tale of the same title. Light beach read.
  2. Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey – her first non fantasy novel. A surprisingly believable post plague America with a very strong heroine.
  3. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman – reminded me of Diane W. Jones more so than any of his other books. Quoting Epany, his books are fairy tales for adults and that’s just fine!
  4. Grug Learns To Read by Ted Prior – 🙂
  5. The Matchmaker of Perigord by Julia Stuart – shades of Chocolat with some rather lovely prose, but left me feeling a little unsatisfied. The setting and the characters felt a little contrived at times and the ending was rather abrupt.
  6. Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear by Dan Gardner – can be summarised as “the world is not going to end and stop freaking out”

Other books I am currently reading are listed here. I am somewhat in love with Library Thing, I love the way it can search and find books that are not necessarily published within the UK or America.

Creative Sydney

Creative SydneyThe last 10 weeks of enforced waiting in Sydney reminded me of how much I love Sydney. I love the way the sun is always out, its beautiful harbour, its amazing food, the unholy mess of urban planning and best of all for the friends and family that will always make it home for me. The crazy thing is, I needed to be away from it to appreciate it fully, it took this ridicilous sin bin for the city to enchant me with its siren song.

Sydney MCA Zine FairThis week will mark the end of Creative Sydney, which as they put it:

Creative Sydney is part of Vivid Sydney, a unique new public festival featuring Luminous music festival at Sydney Opera House, Smart Light Sydney and Fire Water. Vivid Sydney is one of five anchor events in the first ever NSW Master Events Calendar created by Events NSW on behalf of the NSW Government. For the full Vivid Sydney program visit www.vividsydney.com.au

Sydney MCA Zine FairIt ran just after the writer’s festival which included the MCA Zine Fair, concurrent with the Sydney Film Festival and to think that I used to moan that the middle of the year was the start of the hibernation period for Sydney!

So where to begin…I wandered down to the Roxy to catch the Telling Stories and Telling It Like It Is pannel at the Roxy with Pirochan early last week to catch a panel of writers and directors present their movies, the motivation behind each story. The panelist included  Peter Gawler (co-creator and writer Underbelly), Paula Abood (Race and the City), Michaela Perske (Red Ithaka), Alicia Talbot (Urban Theatre Projects), Bill Kokkaris (Take Away Theatre), Antoinette Chiha (The Combination, Triple J, Serhat Caradee (Cedar Boys) and  Shortcuts Filmmakers Maria Tran, Vinh Nguyen, Sally Struhters, Ali Kadhim and Tresa Ponnor.

I was a little disappointed that there was very little discussion amongst the speakers, with such a diverse group it seemed like a bit of a wasted opportunity.

Sydney MCA Zine Fair

Going back in time, the MCA Zine Fair was a lot of fun. I met up with Y for an enjoyable Sunday out. I was told that it was even bigger last year, but it was definitely big enough for me. A few brave souls from the National Library approached a number of us asking for zines to be donated and archived. It tickled me to think that I might be noted down as an author of a knitting zine. Still a little surprised to note that copies of Sharp and Pointy sold out pretty quickly, I need to print out more and get ready for issue 4 for TINA later on in the year. Oh the pressure! Other notable zines/zinesters I saw were Vanessa Berry , Mix Tape and the ever so crafty Talk To The Sun.

Sydney MCA Zine Fair