On being too familiar at first, but not after

While poking around looking for a magazine design style guide, here’s one from The Economist. Titles The overriding principle is to treat people with respect. That usually means giving them the title they themselves adopt. But some titles are ugly (Ms), some misleading (all Italian graduates are Dr), and some tiresomely long (Mr Dr Dr… Continue reading On being too familiar at first, but not after

Design Geekery

raphic designer: The sign maker wants an Illustrator EPS “vector” file (after we’ve sent them an outline Illustrator EPS file) Me: Isn’t that like asking for an RGB Gif file? GD: I think he was using Photoshop to open it Us: muffled hilarity surrounded by confused expressions from everyone else

IT Says No

Is your IT department rubbish? Does the word IT helpdesk make you cringe and make you secretly think of IT as IT helpdesk? After sitting on a good 20 or so IT requests that never eventuate, and rejected with no good reason other than IT Says No, do you feel just the slightest bit miffed?… Continue reading IT Says No

Crazy Office

Crazy Office Originally uploaded by mirvettium. There are days when I drove home thinking everyone’s freaking crazy. Not just your off the wall nuttiness, but fully grounded peanut butter paste nutso. In answer to Piro’s timely post of how being organised is a virtue, let me show you how it ain’t being done. There were… Continue reading Crazy Office