The year so far

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A third of the year is nearly gone and I’m starting to wonder what exactly do I have to show for it and where will the other three quarter disappear to.

Actually, from where I’m sitting at a quarter to midnight, all I can see is another year of coming home tired and handing my money to my land lord. Oddly enough, I am enjoying what I’m doing and starting to feel like I’m gaining grounds. Having work pay off the ADMA course was an unexpected bonus, considering work’s non-existent record when it comes to supporting training. Also received some surprisingly good feedbacks on some of the stuff I was pushing for at our annual Strategy Conference.

The prawn dish was taken during the conference at Crowne Plaza Terrigal by the way. They had a surprisingly good breakfast and menu, keeping my stomach very happy for the 4 days I was there. Pity, can’t say the same about The Reef Restaurant, the other place we dine in, the only one venue large enough to accommodate more than 100 people in Terrigal. The staff had attitude, the service was numbingly slow and although the dishes were passable, by the time it arrived I could have happily chewed on the table with a pinch of salt for taste.

Aside from work, work and more work, nothing else is happening. There were a few times, when I’m home and about to pour a glass of of wine to accompany a very trashy book that I wonder why it felt like another day Ground Hog Day meet Bridge Jones . There were a few times, when I was *that* close to crooning “All By Myself”, simply because it is the most perfectly cliche thing to do.

I think I’m due for another holiday…

5 thoughts on “The year so far

  1. Close, but no cigar? You need to let it all out. Let the tears flow, and belt it out like there’s no tomorrow – like this girl and her friend I saw on Gidol.

    In the meantime, we really should meet up some time. Maybe catch a movie or something! I’ve been doing nothing but work too. No time for knitting 😦 There’s a 1/5 of a scarf lying somewhere untouched since I got back from Ireland.

    1. It sounds very messy, but it might be what I need :o.

      Would love to catch up, my knitting stash haven’t moved either, just been too tired to do anything harder than sitting down in front of the tv.

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