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Poor Anne Elliot

Poor Anne Elliot

It’s Sunday and for once in a long, long time I have a whole slothful Sunday to myself to do absolutely nothing (oh aside from laundry, grocery shopping and  other chores). It doesn’t matter that the sun is actually shining outside, I will not fall into the trap of feeling guilty for being indoor!

I think I finally understand why as obvious as it may seem why there are more knitters in the northern hemisphere. It really is fiendishly cold and I will forever be grateful for knitted scarves, beanies and mittens when the temperature dropped below the inside of my fridge. That being said, moving north should mean my productivity in said knitted garments should increase exponentially. Unfortunately although my stash and queued projects have increased the finished versus planned project ratio is rather woeful

It was no surprise that I was rather excited when I thought I knitted the lat bits of Anne Elliot only to realise that as I sew the pieces together that it was much too big and I just hated the way the sleeves draped on me. It didn’t help that the finished bust measurement ended up being much bigger than I estimated. No matter how I tried to block it, there was just no denying the fact that it needed a good frogging. The plan is to reknit the garment removing the number of stitch increase and changing the sleeves to raglan sleeves.

This rather depressing turn of event would have been the perfect reason to buy yarn at the various sales around town in John Lewis, Loop and Liberty, but I have already ordered a stash from Bendigo Woollen Mills not to mention the ridicilous amount I still have lying around. What did cheer me up was turning up to the first Stitch & Bitch London meet up at the Royal Festival Hall. Perhaps it was the combination of the weather, the start of the year and the number of people who decided to take up knitting as their new year resolution, but 194 knitters turned up on the evening and by 8pm we had overtaken the majority of chairs and tables. In a lot of ways it was a reflection of how popular knitting and crafting have become in the past few years, resulting in an increased number of books, yarns and accessories in the market.

On yarn and craftiness


To Sydney siders living in or around Newcastle, TINA is on again this year. Thanks to pirochan, Sharp and Pointy issue 2 should be for sale for $1 each. Buy and get all your bite size crafty update!

Overdue with plenty of crafty project as usual, but featured here are some yarn I purchased from Knit Shop during the Thames festival. The dark pink Chinese silk is quite lovely, but not quite sure what to do with them yet, but we’ll see.

Yarn porn

Rowan Tweed

Since *I* need something to cheer myself up while waiting for things to turn up. A little antsy as things are supposed to start moving by today and still no news in a lot of fronts. Have an awful feeling it’s because everyone buggered off early for their summer holiday. Well, when the world is bringing me down there’s nothing like a good stash of yarn to keep me happy.

I think it would probably more economical in the long term to keep a fat sheep that I can dye different colours whenever I need something yarn like, but have a feeling that won’t do.

The first yarn is Rowan’s Tweed in an oatmeal colour, the first yarn I purchased in the UK.

Linen and Cotton Yarn - Petit Marche

Yarn number two is from Japan, a linen and cotton combo from Olympus, it’s actually a very light latte colour and looks downright edible. I fell in love with the cotton range Japan has, most of the yarn are made for their domestic market and other than Noro or Koigu, most are not readily available overseas.

WIP #19 Lacy Vest Vogue Knitting

Last is my WIP for the #19 Lacy Top from Vogue, have finished the neckline now and will need to block it, sew the shoulders (though I’m inclined to use a 3 needle bind off instead). Will have to put this away for a while until I have a flat surface for it unfortunately.