Crazy Office

Crazy Office
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There are days when I drove home thinking everyone’s freaking crazy. Not just your off the wall nuttiness, but fully grounded peanut butter paste nutso.

In answer to Piro’s timely post of how being organised is a virtue, let me show you how it ain’t being done.

There were plans to change our huge storeroom into a store room cum meeting room by bulldozing a wall to the empty and much smaller store room next to ours. The logic was merge the two and voila a deparment meeting room and store room would emerge out of the rubble.

Well rubble is basically what we’ve been working in and around for the week now.

Last week we were told, oh so casually” just move everything on the shelves on one side of the wall to the smaller store room”. Situation was there were three rows of shelving in the large store room, two against either side of the wall and one smack in the middle. We were assured that things will happen gradually so not to disturb our work week.

So we did.

Yesterday it was, “oh would you mind moving the paper and other stuff from the outside bench since the wall will be knocked down”.

So we did….

Until one of the workmen tapped us on the shoulder, with a puzzled face and let us know that we should move the stuff inside the large store room since the wall will be coming between the shelves and divide the two room into one.

Within a space of 2 hours, 3 small girls, a pregnant woman and 2 conscript were moving things around trying to do it before the wall came down.

So that’s it, we thought, no big drama. Dusted our selves off and went back to work.

Well ofcourse not.

Today it’s move the rest of the stuff from the large store room and dump it in a vaguely empty area. Since it makes no sense to have any type of shelving inside a meeting room. (What? you mean they can’t build a table around shelves these days?). With no where else to go, most of the boxes ended up being shoved into the two managers’ office, to the point where it could possibly look like a prank with the number of boxes lining up against the wall.

Then it turned out the only access to the store room is through the meeting room since the original door to the small store room is blocked off. Reason for this was in order to give us the maximum number of storage. Not sure how this makes sense since there’s no point in putting things in if we can’t get it out anyhow. I made a comment that maybe we can have a tiny window instead of a door and someone from the inside can pass stuff outside. For a full minute one of the managers seriously contemplated it. That’s when I got really scared….

Aside from having to spend a day just moving shit around at last notice, working with the drills literally 2 metre from where I’m sitting, everything is just fucking dandy thank you very much.

Dilbert, I can feel your pain.

5 thoughts on “Crazy Office

  1. No-one s hould ever have to endure having drills going when they’re working – we had that recently here, and it’s absolute torture. I hope it’s over soon, then…

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