Sydney Food and Wine Fair

High Tea

It’s nearly the end of Good Food Month, unlike previous years where I circled each week to pay homage to the god of gluttony, this year I’ve only managed to go to the Sydney Food and Wine Fair, but it’s definitely one not to miss.

Hyde Park was bustling by the time I arrived around quarter to 12. The queue for vouchers was already snaking its way close to St James, but after $20 lighter I met up with some friends and we followed our collective senses to the tastiest looking stands.

My highlight of the day had to be the rather deceptively innocent looking blue crab sandwiches. Pillowed between the two pieces of bread, the crab was subtle but refreshing and would not look out of place if served for High Tea.

Crab Sandwich

Talking about High Tea, the Tea Room also had their own stall. For 3 vouchers or $7.50 you get a plateful of a selection from their High Tea menu minus scone.

Pork Pie

Wandered off and bought the Delicious showbag which was a bargain at $5.00, but we missed getting the mushroom burger because of the insane line up, though all in all we did ended up eating through a good amount of tasty bits between us.

2 thoughts on “Sydney Food and Wine Fair

  1. I can’t believe we didn’t bump into each other that day. That section of Hyde Park isn’t _that_ big, afterall! I like your picture of the pork pies 🙂


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