Made you look

Made you look

It had been more than a month since my last post, surprisingly the lack of activity is due to being distracted with too many things happening in the background rather than lack of it. I had been a little slack with photography,  this automatically cut the number of possible posts drastically. Take last Thursday for example, I made a booking to have dinner at  Hakkasan with some friends. Beautiful meal in a room so dimly lit that it felt like an exotic dungeon, highly snobby/surly service to the point where we felt somewhat unwelcome and I personally can’t see a reason to visit their hoity-toity bar in the future. On top of this their heavily policed “no camera” policy made it difficult to provide any material to blog about.

The Guardian featured an article recently about whether photographing food in a restaurant is considered good etiquette. I’m firmly on the side that as long as flash isn’t abused and no one is diving onto the table to take a shot and distract other diners it’s not even worth worrying about. What I find really odd about restaurants with heavy handed policy of no photography is there is no logical reason why they have the policy to begin with. Is it because they are afraid someone might run off with their restaurant decor, the presentation, blog about it in a negative light or just a pretentious way to drive their exclusivity points?

Hummingbird bakeryIt’s all a little too difficult really, and I rather ponder on the deliciously sweet red velvet cupcake from the Hummingbird bakery I had this weekend. The gorgeous mix of moist cupcake and sweet cream cheese icing can turn any frown upside down.

Hummingbird bakery

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