Long days of summer

Goodbye Primrose Hill (for now)

In the last few weeks I experienced some of the best summer days in this side of the world so far. Hardly a cloud in the sky for days at a time and I managed to get a tan while bumming around in the various parks scattered in central London. It’s amazing how much happier Londoners are when the sun is out, rather like Snow Day though not as inconvenient.

The weather held for both days of Blur’s concerts at Hyde Park. Although we were too far away to see them on stage, the screens made up for the lack of visual. It was a rather amazing concert in terms of atmosphere than anything else with possibly the most efficient beer tent in a gig. You were ushered into line, yelled to come and order your beer or cider and ushered out within minutes. Quite inspiring really. I was a little disappointed that Vampire Weekend was not part of the support line up for Thursday, but blur was in fine form that night.

Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera thinking that it is likely to be confiscated, but by now there should be plenty of photos flooding the web.

2 thoughts on “Long days of summer

  1. That scene looks amazing. I wish we had skies like that at the moment. It’s all about the rain these days unfortunately.

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