What’s up duck?

Suspicious looking duck

Last weekend was partially spent visiting London Wetland Centre in Barnes admiring beady eyed fowls as they stared back with avian suspicion/ curiosity. I heard a while back that there was a wetland centre in London, but it did not prepare me for the fact that the centre was actually embedded within walking distance of London’s suburbia.

WWT Barnes

If you look very closely at the picture above you can almost spot the houses on the horizon. The effect was a little surreal as I wandered around rather aimlessly gazing at birds that I could not tell apart even as I try.

“Moor hen you say, hem yes, yes can definitely see one” actually translates in my head as “oh look, it’s another brown bird. Isn’t that the same brown bird as before, oh wait it’s a different species”

Pirochan if you are reading this, I would definitely drag you to see the centre if you ever come a visiting, being the bird fan that you are, but I am hoping whenever that is, the variety of birds will be a lot bigger than what I saw.

WWT Barnes

As for me, the past few weeks had been exhausting. I am not very good at coping with limbo and right now there are just too many things beyond my control that I would not be able to do anything about except wait. My flight is booked for next week to go back home and as much as I am looking forward to see my family and friends it dawned on me that I am actually starting to build a life in this country. In many ways I had been incredibly lucky in meeting the wonderful, gorgeous people I have made friends with over the past few months and that made the biggest difference. The thought of not being able to come back to the UK (touch wood), should anything happen to my application left me cold.

WWT Barnes

3 thoughts on “What’s up duck?

  1. That duck in the pond photo is amazing! I’m going to be selfish and say that I’m glad you’re going to be coming back for a little bit because I’m looking forward to seeing you. Besides, I’m sure there will be no issue with your returning to London again. 🙂

  2. Fingers crossed with all that paperwork – the time will fly just like the beautiful duck and those anonymous birdies. Hurry back – will miss you lots.

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