Auditing for the masses

It’s Sunday evening, you had a fun filled day eating all the best bits at the Taste Festival, ideally this would be the best time for you to wind down the rest of the day.


Somehow I managed to bump into the Guardian’s rather brilliant idea to outsource looking at just under half a million expense and claims documents, by asking the public to do it. The idea is rather ingenous really, all documents are scanned and the reviewer is asked to categorise the document into 4 types, note any items of interest and enter line items. Being nosy for the good of the community, and sad person that I am, I am rather mesmerised by the whole thing. The majority of the documents are dull and straight forward, but being able to pull out any pages requiring investigation turns the entire excercise into a quest for possible corruption.

Fun for the whole family, and it’s just not me who’s doing it either looking at the number of pages reviewed in the past few days.

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