Snow day part 2

Snow Day 2009

I was hoping for another snow day today, but after watching the snow turn to rain it is looking increasingly unlikely. Like every other Londoner on Monday we were stuck at home with all modes of transport crippled to a halt. Buses were down, trains were canceled and the underground was chaotic. With so many to do, what else could we do but make pancakes and drink Irish coffee before running off to Prim Rose hill.

Snow Day 2009

Snow Day 2009

Early snow meant an early summer so they say, but this was and is rather difficult to believe when temperature is still so cold and the sky is still so gray.

Snow Day 2009

Part of the charm was the sheer surprise of it all. Having to travel somewhere to see snow in the past, it was rather magical to see big fat drops of it just outside my window. I learned to my dismay that making snow man was actually hard work! Our hands kept freezing as we rolled and packed the snow. Somehow my very sensible idea of claiming someone else’s snowman as ours was vetoed for not good reason!

Snow Day 2009

Snow Day 2009

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