I heart spring

I heart snowdrop

Snowdrops signaled the first sign of spring I was told. Not too sure if this applied to Snowdrops grown in a hot house, but I like to think so. The sky is finally brightening up and the days are finally getting longer and if the only sign to even remotely confirm this is a white flower with a heart shaped mark then I’ll take that as a yes.


I wandered down to Kew Gardens on the weekend, hence the rather surprising number of flowers in this post. Incidentally if you love orchids then a visit to the many hot houses is a must. It made me feel rather nostalgic being surrounded by orchids, my grandmother used to grow a number of varieties and when we were very very good, we were allowed a closer sniff. Personally I was always rather tempted to steal a blossom or ten, but knew that my grandmother counted the number of buds that bloomed every day.


Random flower

This year also marked Kew Gardens’ 250th anniversary. A number of activities and exhibitions were planned, with the Tropical Extravaganza being the first of many. It felt a little surreal seeing areas sectioned off as Australia and Oceania with plants being oh so carefully sign posted when I grew up with a number of them growing on the road side or my own backyard.

Kew's birthday

Speaking of home and on a more serious note,  the Australian Red Cross are accepting donation for the Victorian bushfire appeal. There are a number of ways that the knitting community are contributing to the cause that you can participate in.

Cactus close up

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