Foodie weekend – Borough Market

Apple strudlel

I should really be catching up on work email, but the idea of spending a glorious sunny day inside did not appeal. When A suggested a visit to Borough Market I happily ran out the door without a second glance at my work laptop.

I didn’t realise how large Borough Market was. Just a few steps away from London Bridge tube and I was in the middle of a gastronomic wonderland. We picked our way among the dozens of stalls before settling for some oysters and paella. I was rather tempted with the pastries selection, but after overdosing on grocery thought better of it.

Oyster Bar at Borough Market

Oysters and lemon

We made a small side trip to Monmouth Coffee, reputedly one of the best coffee places in London aside from Flat White in Soho. The featured coffee of the day was Indonesian I was amused to notice and was probably unpronouncable for most people.

Monmouth Coffee

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