Utata Thursday Walk

Autumn sky

Thursday in Utata means Walking Day. So, put down your work, grab your camera, take a walk, and show us what you see.

Which is exactly what I did. I packed my camera and took some shots on the way home, feeling a little disoriented by the clear blue skies.

Not quite sure what’s wrong with me lately. I come home physically tired, but my head is racing a hundred miles a minute. It makes a welcome change not having to drive to work and being mentally exhausted from work and having to cope with the traffic. It does mean that I am more addicted to Flickr than I ever have. Pressing the refresh button constantly at work and wondering why my contacts are not taking as many photos as  I wish they would.

Afternoon light

These photos were taken on the way home Utata’s weekly Thursday Walk project. Crisp autumn afternoon and warm light makes my day everytime.

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