Knitting in the northern beaches

Most of April was spent in a funk and I doubt it will change for a while due to circumstances beyond my control.

Epany came back for our usual S N B meet up at the Manly Wharf after 4 months in the bush in South Australia, just as I was about to shelve the entire idea of knitting in the northern beaches completely. Needless to say I was very glad to see her and sucked as much as knitting goodness from the meet up as possible, all of will be lost if she decides to move to Melbourne (boo hiss!)

When she mentioned she has a crush on a male knitter named brooklyntweed I just had to find out who this guy is and I confess I am starting to have a crush on him as well. He takes beautiful photos and he finishes an incredibly awesome cardigan in less than 2 months!

In any case during the long weeked I finally finished my Rowan Dew scarf (issue 26) knitted with 4 balls of Jo Sharp Dk in pearl. Also finished my needle case, using the pattern from the first Stitch N Bitch book, made me realise how rusty my sewing skills are.

Dew, in Jo Sharp DK


2 thoughts on “Knitting in the northern beaches

  1. Gorgeous scarf! Thought about making myself a needle case when I first got into the whole knitting thing too. I like your choice of colours. And I wish you WOULD give up on the northern beaches thing so that I can finally join you on a knit. Manly is just a bit too out of the way 😛


    1. Chatswood is a possibility, since we decided that the Northern beaches are just not into knitting (I challenge you to proof me wrong Northern Beachnicks!)

      Thanks :), the knitting case is huuuge it’s seriously the size of my pillow when unrolled.

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