Bust Craftacular and the week that was

Bust Craftacular

One of the best things I love about London is the likelihood of bumping into events that would never venture out into Australia. A good example is Bust’s Craftacular, a DIY craft market sponsored by my favourite magazine that finally expanded across the Atlantic and held its first London Craftacular this year.

Bust Craftacular

Held in a tiny church hall, there were far too many stalls with fantastic goodies that were difficult to bypass as well as a live DJ throughout the day from mid day to midnight. I dropped in for a few hours for a look see and rather wished that I had more time and had a wide lens with me as there was barely any room to breathe. Being the first time that the event was held, I think the turnout was beyond most people’s expectation.  I heard one of the vendors exclaimed that they weren’t sure that they will have anything left in a few hours.

I still need to go through my photos, but if you are in the mood to do some on-line shopping in the comfort of your own home, I would heartilly recommend Ecclectic Eccentricity , Hannah Zakari among other vendors as well as a subscription for Bust ofcourse!

Oh and the first image with the craft surgery sign is for a craft clinic that was held that day. If you have any craft related questions, the two craft doctors  are happy to trouble shoot them for you.

Bust Craftacular

2 thoughts on “Bust Craftacular and the week that was

  1. I was there, but got in the queue right at the beginning to make sure I got the goodie bag. It was ok and had a couple of magazine in it that made it worth while.

    Glad you came along, there were some amazing bits there. Dod you buy anything? I got a contraversial cross stitch which says ‘bollocks’ on it and a ginuie pig badge as christmas presents. Could have spent so much more though.

    Hope to see you at Secret Santa

  2. Hi Laura,

    I was a tad lazy waking up, would love to see what they had in the goodie bag though! Bought a little too much jewellry but all good and see you tonight at Secret Santa. Still madly trying to finish off my present!

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