On all things crafty

There are a lot of great free and inspiring crafty sites on the internet, whether it’s knitting, crotchet or craft in general. I can now add Burda style to the growing list. It’s started by Burda, the pattern / fashion company, but they have actually gone a step further and created an open source for sewing patterns and projects. Aside from their own featured patterns, most of the content are provided by users and it’s cool, very funky and downright inspiring.

It’s actually very surprising that none of the other pattern labels have decided to go down this path. Simplicity have grabbed Built by Wendy to design some of their sportswear, but that’s basically it.

Incidentally, I’m really enjoying Built by Wendy’s Sew U. The how to sew section is nothing new, but it’s just nice to have a sewing reference that’s a bit more up to date and fresh in the way it approaches projects. Sure beats my old, though much beloved Reader’s Digest guide to sewing in terms of ease of use.

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