The week so far

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Extra short week since I’ve taken Wednesday and Friday off. Today to cram the exam for ADMA and Friday, just because.

Feeling oddly sad about finishing the 18 week course, sure it was a pain to drive to the city, but I did learn a lot and it was just plain fun.

Image are of some of the zines on our table on Saturday (spot Sharp and Pointy!). Never having produced one by myself from scratch, found it a rather novel experience. Conceived in 2-3 sleepless nights, I’m now shunning it for the unwanted child it is.

During the day, it was rather amusing watching ladies of a certain age picked it up only to put it away hastily when they turned to a particular page. Oddly surprised when a few people purchased it, and still waiting for emails demanding their money back.

Spent most of the day watching the Korean historical drama Daejanggeum at my parents. I don’t know what it is about Korean dramas, they usually manage to be addictive after about the third episode and this particular one has 60 episodes at 45 minutes each! It’s losely based on the story of a female doctor who became the emperor’s personal physician, though she started off as one of the palace’s cooks. I expected it to be dull, but ended up enjoying the cook off between the main character and her rival. Watching the very yummy bearded Ji Jin-Hee as Min Jung Ho (soooigh) made me very very happy.

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