Sun, sun, sun

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on a Sunday, it almost made up the fact that Saturday was probably the coldest day in history.

I wandered off to join other knitters at the Sidewalk Cafe amid gale force wind, continuous wet and was warmed by the hard core knitting spirit of 30+ people meeting up for Sydney’s World Wide Knit in Public Day.

Met some interesting people and realised (again) that Australia blog scene is intimate and as P and I looked around, we realised that we are not alone…It’s still a bitch to try and start up a knitting group in Manly, but maybe there are more people like us.

I’ll post some more photos, but I was really glad I turned up.

Went home around 6pm, eventhough it looked like it was closer to 8 and for some reason managed to get conned into visiting the 24 hour comics Hayase! crew at Pirochan and Evilhayama’s place.

Maybe the cold weather is making people more productive, but there were some good looking comics being made. In any case, congrats guys since it’s now past 11am!

So much for a day where I was expecting to sleep and read most of the time.

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