Fandom Knits

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I hate packing, so it’s no surprise that in between last minute cleaning / chucking things to clean / pack I ended up in front of the computer.

I did manage to find a really cool ljgroup with a big list of fandom related knits. It doesn’t beat craftster in terms of sheer craftiness, but it’s a pretty good place for a list of concentrated knit fan stuff like the uber cool Mario scarf. There is another version that only has the villains, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it.

In any case, I have found my next project: a R2D2 beanie (might tweak it a little since the shape doesn’t look right). Y, if you’re reading this I’ll wear this if you wear your Princess Leah hat!

3 thoughts on “Fandom Knits

  1. You’re on! Although, I must say, R2D2 could most definitely pass off as a normal blue-striped beanie, then I’ll still be left there looking like the only insane one with my Leia gear! 😛


    1. Insane? nah, different well yes :P. I think the shape needs to be a little rounder for it to look like R2D2, faux glassy looking things would probably add to it as well.

  2. Yes, and perhaps for added authenticity, some little electronic geegaw woven into the fabric, that beeps as well 😛


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