And out

About to head off north to KL, feeling oddly nervous though I’m not too sure why exactly. Seems to be everytime I get on a plane nowdays I get flashback of being squished in the middle seat, served bad food and even worse entertainment, oh wait that still happens. I’ll be going on Austrian Air, so who knows it might be better than Qantas.

Happy birthday pirochan, and see you all in a week or so. Need to figure out this mobile posting thingie next time!

…And I’m back, funny how this little line don’t get a mention for people travelling to Malaysia:

Malaysian immigration authorities may deny entry and deport people arriving in Malaysia with less than six months validity remaining on their passport, even if the person intends staying just a few days.

I’m 10 days short before my passport reached the 6 months limit. Will have to go to the consulate and beg for an extension or something, likelihood of getting said passport is decreasing every second. This is probably the most expensive non holiday ever.

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