It’s Saturday and flowers make me happy

Originally uploaded by mirvettium

Especially tulips, hyacinths and jonquils… I’m all for the bulbs.

APEC came and went, and I even missed the half heartedmooning attempt during the long weekend.

In any case, the extra day was absorbed fairly quickly into the rest of the weekend and I can hardly believe that it’s the weekend again.

I did ended up catching two movies I rather enjoyed, Hairspray and Ratatouille. Dragged my sister to the former and was rather tickled to realise she had no idea which character was John Travolta until the end.

As for the movie itself? I was expecting cheesy, but didn’t expect the rather cheeky humour throughout the movie contributed by the editing as much as the plot. Have to confess I have a huge crush on the costume and plaid is definitely something I’m itching to play around with.

Next project is this using the pictured fabric. After I put the jigsaw puzzle of a pattern together from dozens of A4 pages.

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