Knitting with the galaxy

I have been rather slack lately and I’m blaming it all on the weather making me feel decidedly sluggish the instant I finished work with the weekend spent on playing catch up on chores neglected during the week. I’ve dub it London-itis and believe that it is completely contagious with the apathetic suit cladded, underground… Continue reading Knitting with the galaxy

Bust Craftacular and the week that was

One of the best things I love about London is the likelihood of bumping into events that would never venture out into Australia. A good example is Bust’s Craftacular, a DIY craft market sponsored by my favourite magazine that finally expanded across the Atlantic and held its first London Craftacular this year. Held in a… Continue reading Bust Craftacular and the week that was

Christmas in the air and peekaboo

  It’s finally December and I’m heartily counting down every day for my very short holiday. In the meantime, I have a FO for once!  Completed my Peekaboo mittens and rather happy that I managed to do it in time for the finger numbing chilliness that managed to sweep its way into the city. It’s… Continue reading Christmas in the air and peekaboo

5th of November

Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason Should ever be forgot… On the 5th of November the following occured: Guy Fawkes Night US election results was announced innocent’s big knits went on sale I woke up to the second not quite knowing what to expect… Continue reading 5th of November

Bit of ribbing

Ribbing Snippets from last night’s Stitch N Bitch at the National Theatre. On seeing a group of knitters in the Long Bar.. Man: “Are you a mother’s circle?” SNB: “No, we are knitting circle”. Man: rather perplexed. “Are you a mother’s group?” Seemed like he was expecting an affirmative regardless what the answer was. In… Continue reading Bit of ribbing

When Apple meets knitting

I love it when two seemingly unrelated objects are perfect complements of each other. In this case it goes something like this: Indispensable object A provides much needed entertainment, background music and all around sanity during commute and work. Indispensable yarn type object B (with pointy bits and pieces) keeps my hands busy during commute… Continue reading When Apple meets knitting