5th of November

Innocent's big knits in store now

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…

On the 5th of November the following occured:

  • Guy Fawkes Night
  • US election results was announced
  • innocent’s big knits went on sale

I woke up to the second not quite knowing what to expect when I went to the CNN’s website. It  felt very similar to  watching the results when Kevin Rudd was elected as Prime Minister. There was change in the air  and regardless of the fact that I was in another country I was thrilled to be able to see history unfurled before me.

As for Guy Fawkes night, the weather was not cooperating in the least. There were a number of fireworks planned throughout the week starting on the 1st of November. Saturday rained so heavily that the only sane place to be was inside the pub, Wednesday was not much better and fingers crossed we’ll be able to see some firework action somewhere without ending up with trench feet. What was crazy was the amount of illegal fireworks being lit near or within some of the nearby council estates. I am not talking about the small fizzers, but gigantic spiralling looking things that were probably stockpiled for this week and could easily be categorised as weapons of mass destruction.

The photo above was from my local Sainsbury. Every year innocent, a smoothie drink company ran a project called the big knit. They ask the public to knit little knitted hats to be donated as part of their fund rising appeal for Age Concern.

The reason is simple – to raise funds for Age Concern to support older people in the winter months. It’s a really sad and largely unknown fact that almost 25,000 older people died of cold-related illnesses last winter. Year by year we have been receiving more and more hats and last year we were overwhelmed when 400,720 came flooding in. This equated to £200,000 and this year we’re aiming for even more.

The innocent bottles with hats are then sold at Sainsbury, with every 50p going to Age Concern. It’s a very cute idea, and one of the girls from the Stitch N Bitch had been making quite a number of hats in the past few weeks. I love the idea that when I bought a drink , someone, somewhere had knitted a little hat with their hands and somehow , somewhere down the chain it ended in my hands.

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