aMaze-ing – dinner at maze

Peanut butter and cherry sandwich

It’s official, I have November-itis. Sympthoms include feeling sorry myself, not liking the cold and dreading being outside. Expert sources have identified it as a close relative of the Man Flu, but blogging about food is taking the edge of it somewhat. On top of my list of things to do while living in London is to visit some of the great restaurants that London had to offer. 

By pure luck I managed to round up a group of foodies who were willing to visit maze with me (thanks guys!). One thing I missed was not having a circle of ready and willing victims friends who were always willing to go and try out new restaurants and the moment I landed was on the lookout to recruit new foodies on this side of the world.


I ordered from the A la carte menu, thinking that there was no way I can cope with the degustation menu. I am a little annoyed that I can barely remember the names of what I had. I remembered having the following prawn in a kind of pumpkin soup, the head to toe pork (trotter was delicious), a pan fried fish that I can’t remember the name of me, though it was not the most memorable dish. We all agreed that it was delicious, but it was difficult to see or taste the Asian influence that inspired maze’s dishes. Think modern fusion rather than modern fusion with Asian influence.

Dinner at Maze

Maze's dessert menu

As for dessert,  I am rather in love with the peanut butter and cherry sandwich pictured above. The peanut butter were two disc shaped wafers that sandwiched the cherry ice cream, rather like an up market version of a new Ben and Jerry ice cream. 


Service was faultless, friendly and efficient without putting on airs. One of the waiters overhead conversation about my birthday. Just as we were asking for the bill, he came out with a chocolate cake topped with a candle completely unasked topping off a fantastic dining experience all around. 

Pineapple puffs.

4 thoughts on “aMaze-ing – dinner at maze

  1. Love that peanut butter and cherry thing! And a nice surprise as well, getting that cake with the candle at the end of the meal 🙂

    Ps: That “possibly related posts” thing is so far off the mark!

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