Westfield London

London Westfield

Visited the new and very shiny Westfield at Shepherd’s Bush during the weekend with one of my housemates for a dose of retail theraphy and general nosying around. Considering the number of High streets London has, it’s a little nuts to see an entire city going crazy at the idea of an indoor mall. On the other hand, the concept of an indoor shopping centre that caters for the masses just doesn’t exist here, and when the weather turns decidedly soggy fighting your way around Oxford Street can be a bit of a mission.

Layout wise, Westfield London is very similar to the Westfield at Bondi, albeit on a bigger scale with a much better range of stores. Where I expect to see Borders  I see Foyle’s, H&M instead of Sportsgirl and so on. The entire experience felt a little surreal, as I heard plenty of Australian accent coming from various store staff. I wouldn’t be surprised that the new Westfield helped to employ most of the backpacker/working holiday crowd living in Shepherd’s Bush.

Boost Juice in London

One thing I was stupidly excited about was Boost Juice. I didn’t drink it all that regularly back home, but it brought back memories of buying a drink on the way to and from uni when I bypass the city. Frankly it was rather ridicilous paying the equivalent of $10 for a regular drink, but it was a small taste of home served by someone from home and somehow that made everything alright.

3 thoughts on “Westfield London

  1. $10 for a drink?? Craaaazy. I’m sure you could’ve bought a lot of fruit with that money instead! ;P

    A Westfield in London? Even crazier!

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