Time Out On The Up – Goldielocks and newfound bands

Goldielocks CD and Pity Party's card

Time Out On The Up is a free monthly gig showcasing
the best in emerging new talent specially selected by Time Out’s music editors.

Somewhat broke this month and trying very hard not to spend money and save, so free gigs are always welcome. I was lucky enough to nab tickets for the previous On The Up, where the line up was quite diverse and I expected to see the same for this one as well. The three main acts on the night were Pity Party, Goldielocks and Drums of Death.

It was nice not to be disappointed and the variety on the night was quite substantial. My housemate and I were a little late arriving at the Barfly as we weren’t expecting to see each act start on time. Still getting used to the whole curfew idea here which means set up time is considerably shorter than back home and everyone needs to be out by 11.30pm at most venue.

We missed out on seeing Drums of Death which was a bit of a shame as they were just signed on the same label as Hot Chips and I wouldn’t mind finding out what they’re like live. We did manage to catch Pity Party and Goldielocks and although the former was rather blurred in my recollection (they kept apologising for their sound quality) I really enjoyed Goldielocks.

Pity Party

Goldielocks, a husband and wife hip hop duo from Croydon reminded me of Lilly Allen though less poppy and more rap. On stage, Goldie was a lot of fun to watch, very sweet and decidedly playful as she brought the house down with tunes like Talk About Fashion. When they finished, I ran like a fangirl and bought their CD. I am rather reluctant to open it as it was so nicely packaged and numbered on the back (18/100).

Goldielocks - TImeOut on the up

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