Knitting with the galaxy

Magnum Cascade in galaxy

I have been rather slack lately and I’m blaming it all on the weather making me feel decidedly sluggish the instant I finished work with the weekend spent on playing catch up on chores neglected during the week. I’ve dub it London-itis and believe that it is completely contagious with the apathetic suit cladded, underground travellers being the main culprit.

The knitting continued though albeit at a rather slow pace. Below is Beth from Kim Hargreave’s Amber collection. I have wanted to make it the moment I saw the pattern, but did not find a shade of yarn I liked until I was in New York. After a couple of days of being extremely good in not buying any yarnage I dropped into Knit New York one cold evening and spied a whole shelf of Cascade Magnum. The weight was a perfect fit for replacing the recommended Rowan Big Wool and in a state of wool induced euphoria I ran off with 6 balls of the yarn in a shade named Galaxy (see image above). In hindsight I’m not quite sure why I selected this particular colour as the design would probably be more effective using a very plain yarn. Five and a hall ball later it was just a little too late to turn back when I nearly finished knitting all the different pieces.

Beth WIP

As far as the pattern is concerned, this is probably the quickest knit I ever made of this size. It was rather gratifying to see the rows grew so quickly over the weekend, but it did mean I had to pay more attention when decreasing as each changes were a lot more extreme than a smaller knitted piece. Hopefully I’ll finish this by end of week and along ish train ride or two in the next few days should take care of it.

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