Bit of ribbing

Snippets from last night’s Stitch N Bitch at the National Theatre.

On seeing a group of knitters in the Long Bar..

Man: “Are you a mother’s circle?”
SNB: “No, we are knitting circle”.
Man: rather perplexed. “Are you a mother’s group?”

Seemed like he was expecting an affirmative regardless what the answer was. In which case, I for one would like to apologise for our inability as knitters (regardless of gender) to simultaneously fall pregnant while holding knitting needles because everyone knows that anyone who knits in public in large groups must surely be making baby booties for their bun in the oven.

5 thoughts on “Bit of ribbing

  1. Scene: On the bus to work one morning…

    Random bloke: “what are you knitting”

    Me: “a baby blanket”

    RB: “Congratulations!”

    Me: “it’s for a friend…”

    RB: “oh, um, sorry…”

    Random bloke tries to disappear into his newspaper…

  2. epany – and wear black, lots of black for some reason.

    Jenny – that made me giggle, I can imagine him trying to avoid eye contact for the rest of the trip. Bet you he’s glad he didn’t bring a book.

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