Day in the life

Cupcake half baked

I should really be packing for Paris, but chilling with the housemates after a long week is too big of a temptation to miss. The above photo was meant to be posted as part of a step by step series on the cupcake Restaurant Girl and I made for a dear friend’s wedding. The end result could be seen in an earlier post. It took us a good two days to make all two hundred cupcakes, and Restaurant Girl was pretty bloody precise on what proportion of nutella was to be spread on the first layer. My memory was something along the line of 30g per cup cake, spread with the sharp preciseness of Olympic flag raisers at the Olympic.

I am just so relieved that this week is over and a public holiday is on the other side of the week. This technically should give me enough time to prep for the upcoming Manchester Zine Fair, but we shall see how organised I can be.

In a rather random act of charity by the gods of chance I won two tickets to a random gig via Time Out. On the flip side everyone I know seem to be out, not available or missing in action next Thursday leaving one perfectly good free ticket available. Such is life, unless someone randomly pops up to say they would love to keep me company for an equally random event.


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