European Weekender Part Deux (Paris)

Paris 2008

I have a confession. I am not a big fan of Paris. I just don’t understand why it’s so special. Sure it has some amazing architecture, gorgeous boulevards and so chic it hurts, but something always go wrong everytime I go there. If it’s not the crazy subway, the stupidly unhelpful signage, somewhere along the line I’ll step on the many dog turds decorating the pavement.

So when Matt said “let’s go to Paris!”. There was a screeching halt in my head screaming “Non, non”, though never been one to listen to voices in my head I decided to ignore it.

Paris 2008

A good that I did, because Paris likes to flirt. I was rather underwhelmed with Montmarte, not quite knowing what to expect other than plenty of people suggested that it’s supposed to be. I didn’t expect the crowd of people clawing their way up the hill in order to glimpse the rooftops of Paris. Then again, walking along Notre Dame and listening to a Dutch band called Wazabe playing in the park closeby can suddenly lightened up my mood.

Paris 2008.

Incidentally, check out Matt’s website in a few days time. The launch of inside out will happen very soon and my short preview of it was pretty damn special!

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