Living in a cottage in the middle of the wood

Swiss Cottage living

Well not quite, but every time I see signage for Swiss Cottage and St John’s Wood I always put them together in my head.

I haven’t really posted about where I’m living, probably because I’m still trying to find out about it myself.

Currently the boiler isn’t working so everyone is either having baths or very cold shower in the morning (case in point, me). Aside from the pub next door, there is very little night life though it is a very easy area to live in with a giant Sainsburry located closeby. Nevermind the fact that said Sainsburry was closed for the past couple of days making grocery shopping a non event…

Every Wednesday there’s a growers market opposite the library with the famous french crepe stand. She doesn’t like photos unfortunately, so I have to leave her crepes and amazing cheese in your imagination.

Swiss Cottage living

2 thoughts on “Living in a cottage in the middle of the wood

  1. famous crepe stand in swiss cottage? You should try the creperie de hamstead! world famous and there are always long queues.

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