October is the month to be

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Been a little distracted with life in general. I’m not quite sure what happened in the past few months, but I am running on minimum sleep with very little time to glance at the rear view mirror and write about anything anymore. Stretched so thin I’m cellophane’s second cousin twice removed.

That being said, I love October more so than any other month of the year. Most probably due to the crazy amount of events and festivies that falls on this month (my birthday being a small part of this). First off the rank being the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at Opera House , the second year that this particular event is run.

I loved the concept, I hated the timing. Packed into two days with simultaneous talks occuring at the same time, one have to be pretty ruthless on what to watch or not. The indecisive part of me whimpered in defeat. I watched the debate with Alan Dershowitz versus Geoffrey Robertson on “The sins of the fathers: should the pope be held accountable?” and was rather in awe as I watched two overwhelming, articulate, legal minds slice and dice an argument on both sides. Hugh Mackay’s talk on “The pursuit of happpiness will make you miserable” was thought provoking…It’s rather hilarious to hear that unhappy people are more likely to make rational decisions. Perhaps being in a funk has its benefits. I wonder if they will release the recording of the sessions anytime soon. With so much content it would be a shame to have them quietly archived somewhere.  

Art and About

Wandering around the city, Art and About  is well…around. One can’t help but notice the garishly dressed Queen Victoria statue in front of QVB or the winged pig on Macquarie Street…

Spring Food & Wine Festival

 As for food, where to even start? The Entertainment Quarter has its weekend market with the Spring Food and Wine Festival thrown in for wine tasting.

Spring Food & Wine Festival


Spring Food & Wine Festival


Spring Food & Wine Festival

As if that’s not enough, Crave Festival is a month long celebration of good food…more reason to love October really.

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