Burgers in the Concrete City – NY part 1 of many

Shake Shack in NYTime is a ticking and there are still so many more photos to upload from New York. New York in summer is rather glorious, despite the scalding bitumen. On a summer day, a lunch break at the Shake Shack consisting of burger and shakes is a must have experience.

Shake Shack in NYThere is no such thing as a not busy time at the Shack. Even hours past lunch, the line was snaking its way around Madison Square Park as hungry mob waited patiently for their burger, shakes and fries.

Shake Shack in NY

We ordered the ShackBurger, Cheese Fries and some milk shake to wash it all down. The burger was smaller than I expected, but the patty oozed enough grease when lightly squeezed. The bun itself was more like a brioche rather than hamburger buns. I loved the melted cheese on top of fries, but it made me feel a little sick after a while. My favourite item out of this menu was my vanilla milkshake. It was thick and creamy and tasted exactly what a good old fashion shake should, complete and utter indulgence of the best kind.

Shake Shack in NYWe stayed in Brookly for the first few days of the trip, revisiting old haunts in what is an increasingly gentrified neighbourhood.

BrooklynIt felt like home when I wandered down the street, with hidden chocolate shops, random furniture stores and craft markets.


Imagining living here is not such a big stretch…maybe next time?



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