Sydney 2010 – 2011


Just like that 2011 is here and although this post had been sitting on my draft for a while, I never had the chance to post it until this side of 2011. I have too many things to post and not enough time to do reflect and upload in 2010. Doesn’t help that my hard disc is permanently full and transferring files is my equivalent of taking the garbage out.

ANZAC bridge abstraction2010, I didn’t know what to expect from you, but you made me love Sydney all over again with the crazy number of restaurants mushrooming around the area, increasing number of festivals and some of the best people in the world. What more can a person ask for, aside from…more time and the ability to say no to preserve my own sense of sanity.
Ho Ho Ho staThis post is a quick nod to say yes, I am alive and so is this blog. Will continue updating in 2011, while trying not to be completely buried under paperwork…

Lost letters

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