Comfort food – banana bread

Baking therapy - banana bread

After three months away from Australia, it surprised me that I haven’t craved anything too much. Well I do miss a good coffee that’s not from a coffee chain, Pork roll from the local Vietnamese bakery, great Asian food in general and a decent sausage roll…but nothing that made me wake up in the middle of the night craving it like mad.

For some reason I had been dreaming about banana bread for past week or so. It’s not the best looking food, but there’s something comforting about having it with my coffee when I need a quick pick me up. A treat is exactly what I needed after the longest week and a half where work was so slow to the point where I ended up checking flickr more often than I should.

As this is the first Saturday in ages where I didn’t have to be anywhere, all I wanted to do is to stay home and bake a loaf of banana bread using a recipe I begged off Miss I over the phone. This was exactly what I did for most of Saturday, with Keane’s Under The Iron Sea playing in the background.

The end result is as you see it. Not the most photogenic looking loaf, but absolutely delicious and suits the weather to a tea.

(Under threat of broken limbs I am never to reveal the recipe unfortunately…)

2 thoughts on “Comfort food – banana bread

  1. Thanks! It was hard to find a good angle for what essentially is a brown block!

    There are some stuff available, but did buy a mixer and rice cooker. Have restrained myself from looking at the usual red and blue kitchen goods, though there is a shop closer to Baker street that sells everything I would normally buy!

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