There’s nothing like uploading photos of food when facing a crap day, and what looks like a crap week and month to boot.

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Makan@Alice is a little bit of an institution to those who live in the North and love their Malaysian food.

I first heard of it from Y and have to agree that coming in for dinner is much better than coming in for lunch. For one thing it’s not so crazy trying to get a seat, the other reason is Makan@Alice’s dinner menu is worth the drive.

Pictured here is the lovely prawn curry, perfectly balanced between sour, sweet and tart to make it very more-ish. I usually ended up asking for a spoon for the sauce, just before I start licking the plate.

Do give the soft shell crab a try, I have no idea how they make the eggs on top so crispy, but again it’s on the must try list. We ordered the vegemite chicken for fun, and though it may sound rather odd it actually makes perfect sense when you taste it. Think something yeasty in between kecap manis with tamarind and you basically get the gist of it. As for the yam cake, though I could never finish it since it has a habbit of expanding in my stomach when consumed, I love the texture of it and the way it contrasted with everything else on the table.

Soft shell crab Vegemite chicken Yam cake

Shop 3, 262-264 Pennant Hills Rd
(Cnr Pennant Hills Rd & Bellevue St )
Thornleigh 2120

One thought on “Makan@Alice

  1. Oh yum! Curry looks particularly good. Really should go back again some time! Meanwhile, I’ve been doing quite a bit of Malaysian cooking. Made my own Bak Kwa the other day! Bak Kwa!


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