sorry, small word, a whole history of meaning

Though not everyone agrees…

Wilson Tuckey

Mr Rudd’s speech was not greeted with unanimous approval, however, with Mr Tuckey telling Sky News shortly before 9am he doubted the speech – which has bipartisan support – would change anything.

“So the Prime Minister reads a speech, apparently some people stand up and sit down and then a miracle happens over night, there’ll be no petrol sniffing … and girls can sleep safely in the family bed at night,” he said.

When asked by Sky News if he supported the apology, a technical error occurred, with Mr Tuckey telling the camera he was unable to hear the question.

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2 thoughts on “sorry, small word, a whole history of meaning

  1. He’s being an idiot here, of course it doesn’t solve all the problems, but to so many people it was obviously a big step! It’s not like the apology is all the govt is going to do about these problems…

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